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Product description

Description du produit

The Zomerdam checkweigher gives you assurance of the correct weight of a product and is highly suitable for use for E-mark registration. A checkweigher forms the basis of a pricing system. This makes it possible to, for example, determine the weight of food products and, based on this, to attach an appropriate label to the package. It also allows products with a weight that is too low or too high to be removed from the manufacturing process. Missing products from a box or crate can also be detected with a checkweigher.

This checkweigher is suitable for high-speed production lines and offers high weighing resolution. All possible ejection techniques can be used here. Thanks to the stainless steel collection trays with a guide, rejects are presented on the operator side.

Our checkweighers are ideally suitable for combination with our other solutions. In combination with a pricing system, you can price products and assign an appropriate label. Combined with our metal and X-ray detection, you get product inspection at its best.

A checkweigher can be equipped with e-mark registration software. The e-mark is used in Europe for packaging filled in accordance with the European Directive.

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