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Labelling systems


Product description

Description du produit

Our Zomerdam labelling systems provide your products with a label, wherever you want. Solidan can provide a labelling system for any desired product, packaging and material.

A labelling system may consist of a top labelling head and/or a bottom labelling head. It is also possible to apply a sticker that extends from the top to the bottom of the product. These labels can be applied to any desired surface and in any desired position. Does your label also need to be printed? No problem. With our Print & Apply systems, you can print and apply labels to any desired surface without any problems.

We can also combine our labelling machines with all other systems, so that you receive a solution that suits your business. A labelling machine can be combined with, for instance, a checkweigher, metal detector, product handling, printer or X-ray detection.

Do you have different products and speeds in your manufacturing process? That is no problem whatsoever for our labelling solutions. The shape and size of the product pose no limitation either. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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