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Metal detection


Product description

Description du produit

Various detection systems are available for inspection of your products for metal contaminants. Packaged products are inspected with a tunnel detector and non-packaged products with a pipeline detector or free-fall detector. When a product is rejected, it is ejected into a closable collection tray.

Solidan can supply various types of metal detectors to suit your situation, no matter whether you are looking for a pipeline metal detector, a conveyor metal detector or a built-in metal detector. The metal detection systems of course comply with all BRC, HACCP, IFS standards, so that they can be used for metal detection in the food industry.
Using our metal detection systems, you deliver a safe product with a minimal chance of recall actions or your reputation being affected.

We can combine our metal detectors with all our other systems. This makes it possible to combine a metal detection system with, among other things, labelling, weighing, printing, scanning or product handling.

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