high quality, reliable, sustainable.

Solidan is a supplier of solid solutions for product identification and inspection.
In this context, Solidan entered into a strategic partnership with the strongest manufacturers in the market: CAB and AstroNova.

With our products, you are assured of high quality.
With our experience, you are assured of a reliable solution tailored to your needs.
With our expertise, you are assured of prompt, accurate and sustainable support.

SOLIDAN: high quality, reliable, durable.


Since 1971, QuickLabel color label printers have made it easy for businesses to print their own product labels in-house and on-demand.
QuickLabel introduced the first tabletop digital color label printer and continues to innovate, for our customers who wish to print their product labels in-house.


The future of product marking – Made in Germany
CAB has 40 years of professional experience, technological expertise and the ability to anticipate changing markets.
CAB is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking. Barcode printers are as much part of the CAB delivery program as label printers and print and apply systems. Customers from the manufacturing, service industries and trade rely on our high quality standards.


How can we help you?

Print & Apply

Our print and apply systems are designed for automated, industrial print and apply applications in the most demanding circumstances.

Label printers

CAB label printers are at home in virtually any industry today. Our devices are employed in commercial applications and in tough continuous operation in industry.

Full Color

With our Quicklabel color labelprinters you’ll print beautiful, full color high resolution labels with high speed and stunning color fidelity .

laser marking

Our cab laser systems guarantee an economical, durable and extremely precise marking, from the smallest components to larger parts.

at your service

Solidan is a supplier of solid solutions for product identification and inspection. Our systems are of high quality and guarantee many years of outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.
Should you have any problems or require preventive maintenance, you can call on our technical support.
Your labelling system is indeed crucial for the smooth operation of your manufacturing and logistics process.

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