Upgrade your labelprinting, while using ZPL

Would you like to bring your labelprinting to the next level with our cab labelprinters, but are you using ZPL? Good news: our cab printers fully support ZPL II.

Here is how your label application benefits:

cab printers easily integrate in any working area that generates and processes ZPL II data.
You can continue using existing ZPL labels and templates. There is no need to adapt, re-design or re-qualify such labels in manufacture processes.
Easily print text with fonts, barcodes and graphics internal to ZPL II, true to the original.
Differences in the positioning of a print image on a label can be compensated by alignments on the control panel of a cab printer.
Each data interface on a cab printer can be configured separately for JScript or ZPL II, either on the operation panel or remote via integrated web interface.
ZPL II is interpreted natively on a cab printer. No additional software or middleware are required.

For more information, please feel free to contact us: info@solidan.be