Label quality in automated labeling applications

Print and apply system HERMES Q with applicator 4214

Recommendations on the label quality in automated labeling applications

When self-adhesive labels are applied fully automatically onto products (for example with the help of a cab HERMES system), the liner material tightly pulls over a metal edge. The adhesive label separates from the liner and further moves out of the printer. In order to have reliable and error-free labeling applications, the label materials have to comply with the specifications of the printer.

Processing requirements

Our cab HERMES systems primarily pick up label rolls with a 3“ (76 mm) core diameter. In the case of -2 device types the maximum outside diameter for rolls to be inserted is 205 mm, while on a -3 model it is 305 mm.

When labels are applied with a HERMES Q2, the liner material has to be at least 24 mm (roll winding) resp. 10 mm (reel winding) in width. Applied with a HERMES Q4, the minimum width is 24 mm, while with HERMES  Q6 it is 54 mm.

No liner material too thick or too stiff! The printer must be able to perfectly pull the liner around the peel-off plate. Select the release value so that the labels only detach on the peel-off plate, but not elsewhere before (e.g. the deflection roller in the printer).

Particularly flexible or thin materials such as PE or PVC require specific technical know-how when it comes to fully automated labeling. Several materials provided on the market become applicable only after special care or configuration.

When punching labels, the adhesive layer must be completely severed without causing damage to the silicone layer.

No adhesive bleed on the label margins! Layers within the label roll could stick together, labels may stick to the back of the liner material or to printer components, all of these are causing errors. Also the smooth transition of the label onto the pad of an applicator can be affected. Blunt punching dies, incorrect cutting angles and non-conforming stock are exemplary reasons causing adhesive bleed.

Label quality cab labels

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